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Customizing Products

How do I order custom products?

Each main category on this website has a custom sign page. Or you can go to the Custom Products Page.
For information regarding Header Selection and or Safety Symbol Selection click on the following links
» ANSI Z535 2007 & ISO 3864-2 Safety header Selection.
» Safety Symbol Selection
» ANSI Z535.4 2007 Safety Labels
» ANSI Z535 2007 Revision

Once layout has been selected our Custom Tool (Wizard) will open up.

To be able to utilize this Custom Tool / Wizard, you must have installed the Adobe Flash Player version 10 or higher. Most computers come with it installed, some older computer will need to install it or update it to version 10. Click here to download the Adobe Flash Player

Steps to create a custom sign

1. Select the layout of the product you’d like to customize.
Custom Sign Layout

2. Custom Tool (Wizard) will load only if you have installed the latest Adobe Flash Player (version 10 or higher)

3. Once tool has loaded, it will display various backgrounds (sign blanks or sign headers related to the layout selected on the previous page)
Custom Sign Layout

4. Select from any of the background options available any time, just by clicking on any of the images.

5. Changes to the background (sign blank or header) are not possible, background is a static image. That is the reason why some headers or sign blanks are available in multiple color options.

Do Not Use the "Back" Browser Button

1. Please note, using the browser's "Back" button or navigating away from the "Custom Tool" will lose any change you made to your design, we recommend that you design your sign and then click the "Continue To Save or Add To Cart" button. From there you can save the design for later or add it to the cart.
Custom Sign Tool

2. If you add the design to the cart, but do not checkout, your custom design will likely no longer be in your shopping cart next time you come back to the site.

3. If you save your shopping cart, your custom design will also be saved, as part of that shopping cart.

Text: Add Text, choose font, change color and style text on Custom Tool?

1. Once you background has been selected, the click on the "Add Text" Tab
Custom Sign Tool

2. Click the blue button "Add a New Text Area"
Custom Sign Tool

3. A text box that reads "Double Click to Edit" will appear on top of the background image (sign image)
Custom Sign Tool

4. Move, Rotate and Resize Text box by using the Resize handles.
Custom Sign Tool

5. Resize text box to fit area where text will go.

6. Type in your custom copy.

Text: Resize text, change color and Style?

1. Resize text, change default font, change text color and apply text styles. We recommend to add as a text box per each text styles.
Custom Sign Tool

Images: Add stock images to your design?

1. Click ont the tab "Add Images"
Custom Sign Tool

2. Select stock images from any of the Safety Symbol categories available on the drop down menu.

3. All stock images, other than the yellow triangles and prohibition symbols, can be colored by using the small colored boxes on Custom Tool.

4. Resize & Rotate Images by using the resize and rotate black handles that appear when the image is selected

5. Move, drag and place image by selecting it with your mouse (same way you would do it with images on Microsoft Word)

6. Delete image by clicking the red X icon that appears when images is selected, on the red X button on the toolbar under the sign image (See screen shot below).
Custom Sign Tool

Images: Add your own photo, logo or graphic?

1. Under the same tab "Add Images" you'll se a blue button that reads "Upload My Own Image"
Custom Sign Tool

2. When you click on that button, a set of terms will come up, to upload your image you must agree to the terms.

3. Upload Image Terms:

  • Agree to these terms and then,
  • Browse for image
  • Online, we only accept the following file formats: .JPG/.PNG/.GIF
  • Please note, file upload may take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes depending on your file size and internet connection speed.
  • We recommend keeping the screen open.

Image Quality:

  • We will print uploaded as is.
  • is not responsible for uploaded image quality.
  • Make sure your image resolution is high enough for printing.
  • If you have a vector based version of the image, please email it to us.
  • Vector images have a much higher quality when printing; most common vector formats are .AI, .CDR, .EPS, .PS.

Problems Uploading:

  • Trouble uploading your file? Call us at 800-274-6271
  • Or email file to us at

4. After you agree to the terms, browse for your image store in your computer, once you find it click the "Open" button and the wait a few seconds for image to appear on Custom Tool, the larger the image the more time it will take to load.

5. All custom images will be put in a category called "Uploaded Images" under the Safety Symbol Categories drop down menu.
Custom Sign Tool

6. Please note, you may upload as many images as you'd like, but these images will not be saved at all.

7. If you design a sign and order that sign with your uploaded image, this image will be saved in our system, but any other custom image not used on any order will not be saved.

8. Custom Uploaded Images can only be resized or rotated, but colors cannot be changed.

9. Use toolbar to send image to the back or bring to front when you want to play with image and text position.

10. To delete custom images click on the red x buttons that appear when image is selected or the red x button on toolbar under sign image.

What to do after design is finished?

1. When you have finished designing you custom sign, click either the "Preview" button or the "Continue" to view options or to add to cart your custom sign.

2. Make sure spelling, text size and colors are correct.

3. On the next page, besides selecting size and material you are require to Approve design or allow to Adjust for best appearance.

Custom Sign Tool

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