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Product Page Features

New Product Page FAQ

New Product Page Features

We’ve made some impressive changes to how we show you product information!

Now it’s easier than ever to place your order, design custom signs, and so much more. With our new product page layout, you’ll find information faster, save shopping carts for later, and reorder with ease!

All New Product Information Layouts

The biggest improvement that you’ll see on our product page is how we are displaying the most important information to you. This includes the product’s size, material options, and pricing.

Start off by selecting the size of the product you need, and the material, packaging, and pricing information will automatically update with that product size’s specific details.

The estimated shipping date and “in stock” status is also updated for every product that you select.

New Layout

New Product Recommendations

Looking for a safety sign, but also need smaller safety labels? How about popular traffic signs to post with your parking signs?

With our new product recommendations, you’ll be able to browse products that are related to the one you are looking at without ever having to leave the page! All the related products are displayed to the right of the product information.

If the product that you are looking at is part of a collection, like signs with the same message but in different colors or formats, we’ll also display these to give you more options.

Below is an example of how the entire collection of foam bumper guards is displayed:

Bumper Collection

Accessory Recommendations

Just like our product recommendations, now you can quickly add sign posts, hardware, and other necessary accessories to your order, without the hassle of having to search the site for them. You’ll see all the accessories that perfectly match your product at the bottom of the page.

Accessories Recommendation

Compliance Information

Recently added to, we now provide you with compliance information regarding the design of the product that you are viewing. Wondering if this sign is MUTCD, OSHA, or NFPA compliant? You’ll find this information fast, right under the product’s image.

Size and Materials Table

Our new size and materials table helps you to quickly and easily compare the range of product sizes. This also includes average text sizes, corner radius, mounting options, and more.

Product materials are explained in-depth in the Materials tab of the table, detailing the material’s outdoor durability and service temperature range.

Size Material Table

Also in the materials tab is helpful information on a product’s reflectivity. A new visual aid helps you to compare the brightness and visibility of each type of reflective sheeting available. Here’s an example of the reflectivity chart:

Reflectivity Chart

Viewing Distance Information

One of the biggest questions you can have when buying safety signs is, “Can people read this?” Now you won’t have to wonder anymore.

While determining the correct size, viewing distance and sign positioning for a safety sign is always the responsibility of the end user, we’ve used a ratio in the ANSI Z535.2 sign standard to help you know what the maximum viewing distance of a sign could be under favorable conditions.

We’ve based this number on the average text size and overall size of each sign and label to help you and make this important choice easier.

Sign “Blueprints” with Mounting Holes

We’ve added a “blueprint” of each sign, showing the height, width, location of mounting holes, and other important information in a new “Diagram” section of the size and materials table (found in the size tab).

This visual aid helps you to better understand the layout of the product, letting you plan ahead to the installation of your purchase. Here’s an example of the diagram “blueprint”:


New Add to Cart Features

Along with the additional features to the product page, we’ve also made the checkout process easier.

When you add a product to your cart, you’ll now have another opportunity to review important size, material, and pricing information. We’ve also included a selection of accessories that other people have purchased with this product.

Add to Cart

These updated features help you to find everything you need, while visiting fewer pages.

Quick Buy

Maybe you don’t need all of this new information, and just want to be have the fastest shopping experience possible – the new “quick buy” feature is just for you!

When you hover over a product from the full selection of products on a subcategory page, our “quick buy” button will appear above the product. If you already know what you want, just click the “quick buy” button, choose the material and size, and fill up your cart.

Quick Buy

Let Us Know What You Think!

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