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0 Comments | Dec 11, 2017

Winter Is Upon Us

Winter is fast approaching and for many of us throughout the country that means it’s snow and ice season.  While snow can be a beautiful thing when you’re on vacation or sitting comfortably at home, it can wreak havoc on our roadways no matter how small the accumulation. It can also create slip and fall hazards at workplaces all across the country.

The good news is that most slip and fall accidents are preventable.  How does one come up with an actionable plan for preventing accidents though?

The first thing that needs to take place is recognizing the hazards that exist in your facility.  If you don’t know where the problem areas are, you won’t be able to properly address the hazards and reduce or eliminate accidents. Hazard areas can be discovered through safety audits or by looking at previous injury reports at your facility.

The second step is evaluating the hazards that exist. This includes determining the severity of the hazard or how serious the consequences would be if there was an incident, the number of employees exposed to the hazard and how often they are exposed to it, and the likelihood of an incident occurring. This could also involve calculating the slipperiness of the floor surface or seeing that there is inadequate lighting in the area which can potentially create hazards.

The third step is to determine the controls that need to be implemented to reduce or eliminate hazards. These can come in the form of engineering controls whereby changes are made to equipment and processes, or administrative controls which involve things like posting floor safety signs, providing training, and promoting cleanliness and organization in the work area.

The final step in the process is taking action using everything you’ve learned about the hazards and the controls that need to be put into place to help reduce or prevent an accident from occurring.

So while we don’t know what kind of winter is coming our way this season, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve got a safety plan in place to help keep the people in your facility safe.







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