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Street Name Signs - Extruded Blade

Extruded Street Name Signs

Double sided extruded signs are MUTCD and DOT compliant. Extruded (shaped) blades are stronger than regular flat blades. These extruded street sign blades have a thickness of .080” (center) with top and bottom edges at .240” thick. 6” tall extruded blade signs are available in: 24 x 6”, 30 x 6”, 36 x 6”. All 9” tall extruded blades are available in: 24 x 9”, 30 x 9”, 36 x 9”, 42 x 9” and 48 x 9” . Available in 2 materials: .080” EG Reflective Aluminum and .080” HIP Reflective Aluminum. The 6” high signs are used on local roads with speed limits of 25 mph or less. The 9” high are the standard size for ground-mounted extruded street name signs with speed limits higher than 25 mph.

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