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The products on this page are recognized under the Component Recognition Program of UL. The Machine Safety Labels sold by have been evaluated by UL in the PGDQ2 category in accordance with ANSI/UL 969 and CSA C22.2 No. Learn more about UL® Recognition.

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Peligro Alto Voltage. Superficie caliente. Desconecte y ponga candado a todos los interruptores de fuerza principales, permita que se enfrien antes de darles mantenimiento. El no obedecer puede ocasionar descargas quemaduras o muerte.
Label Type:
ANSI Z535.4 & ISO 3864-2 Safety Label. Apply to clean and dry surfaces.
Constructed with UL Recognized materials. High degree of Chemical Abrasion and Heat Resistance.
Sold in packages of 5 and 50 labels.
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Size Materials Quantity/Price Enter Quantity
Label in Packages of 5
1 6 11
4-3/4 x 1-3/8'' Label: White Polyester w/ Clear Overlam (Pkg of 5)
• UL® Recognized
$18.15 $16.30 $14.70
6-3/8 x 1-7/8'' Label: White Polyester w/ Clear Overlam (Pkg of 5)
• UL® Recognized
$20.30 $18.30 $16.50
8-1/2 x 2-1/2'' Label: White Polyester w/ Clear Overlam (Pkg of 5)
• UL® Recognized
$19.45 $17.60 $15.80
Bulk Packages of 50
1 3 6
4-3/4 x 1-3/8'' Label: White Polyester w/ Clear Overlam (Pkg of 50)
• UL® Recognized
$85.30 $76.75 $69.10
6-3/8 x 1-7/8'' Label: White Polyester w/ Clear Overlam (Pkg of 50)
• UL® Recognized
$106.60 $95.95 $86.35
8-1/2 x 2-1/2'' Label: White Polyester w/ Clear Overlam (Pkg of 50)
• UL® Recognized
$135.45 $121.90 $109.75


Label Material: Adhesive Backed Polyester Film with Clear Polyester Over lamination:

Description & Attributes

ANSI Z535.4 Product Safety Signs & Labels specifies performance requirements for the design, application, use and placement of safety labels and signs that are intended to identify hazards that a person may encounter while operating or servicing a variety of products.

  • Description: Adhesive Backed Polyester Labels have been designed to comply with ANSI Z535.4 2002 & 2007 Product Safety Label Standards. Labels are screen printed with UV inks and over laminated with Clear Polyester to ensure a high degree of chemical, abrasion and heat resistance.
  • Material: 2 Mil White Polyester with Hi-Performance pressure sensitive Acrylic Adhesive backing (UL® File No. MH10170 / CSA File No. 099241 L000) 1 Mil Clear Polyester film coated with a clear pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive (UL® File No. MH10170 / CSA File No. 099241 L000).
  • Printed Image: Printed image is sealed between 2 layers of polyester. Polyester offers superior chemical, abrasion and temperature resistance to vinyl labels, image is screen printed using UV resistant inks.
  • Adhesive: Aggressive solvent based acrylic adhesive with excellent adhesion properties on a broad base of application substrates such as Stainless Steel, Acrylic, Glass, Coated Metals and Plastics.
  • Packaging: All machinery safety decals are available in convenient packages of 5 or bulk packages of 50.
  • Specification Compliance: Machinery Safety Decal comply with ANSI Z535.4 2002 & 2007.
  • Outdoor Durability: 5 to 8 years
  • Material Flexibility: Conform to either curved or flat surfaces.
  • Service Temp Range: -40°F to 302°F
  • Min. Application Temperature: 50° F
  • Performance: Resists abrasion, most chemical spills and suitable for high temperatures.
  • Surface Preparation: Clean & Dry
  • Ink Features: Printed with UV Resistant Inks
  • Printing Process: Digital or Screen Printing
  • Over laminate: 1 Mil Clear Polyester
  • Label Features: Round Corners and back-slit for easy installation.

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