Asphalt Mounting Anchors for use with fixed base crossing panels and flex Post

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Asphalt Mounting Anchor Kit
Use with fixed base and 78'' flex post 78FLEXYB
4 - Six inch anchors, 4 - One inch bolts, 4 - Washers, 2 - bags of grout
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Note: Use with fixed base and 78'' flex post 78FLEXYB

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Asphalt Mounting Anchors
6" long Asphalt Mounting Anchors Kit (4 anchors / 4 bolts / 4 washers / 2 bags of grout)


  • Asphalt Anchors Kit Include all of the following:
    4 - 6" long Asphalt Anchors
    4 - 3/8" x 1" long -full thread- bolts
    4 - Washers
    2 - Bags of anchor grout (14oz)
  • Asphalt Anchor Key Benefits:
    Our anchors have been specially designed to overcome the asphalt's weakness in 2 ways: 1) anchors are unusually long, 2) they bond with a hard grout that fills the crevices in the asphalt and the gravel below it, to distribute the forces over a large area.
  • Large washer prevents anchor from dropping below the surface, protects the thread from grout overflow, prevents static pull as the bolt is tightened, covers up any irregularities in the asphalt hole.
  • Spiral bonds with grout.
  • Sealed bottom prevents grout from reaching the internal thread. The embedded grout then seals the anchor interior from water seepage.
  • Installation takes minutes from start to finish.
  • No damage to the asphalt surface.
  • Removable mounting method – the equipment can be removed for service or for seasonal requirements. The anchors stay in the ground and are unobtrusive as they are flush with the asphalt.
  • Unequaled resistance to pull both vertically and horizontally
Heavy Duty Blank Tags

Installation Steps

  1. Drill holes (4) per anchor specs on the side
  2. Fill holes with grout (1 bag of grout per every 2 holes)
  3. Push anchors in flush with surface and wait 15 minutes...
  4. Attach fixed base to anchors by using the 1" long bolts and washers supplied

Download instructions in PDF format

Asphalt Anchor Specs

Details 6" Anchor
Pull Rated 1,500 lb
Shear Rated 1,000 lb
Torque Rated 220 lb-in.
Thread 3/8"
Thread Depth 2.5"
Length 6"
Drill Hole 7/8"
asphalt anchors installation step 1 asphalt anchors installation step 1 asphalt anchors installation step 1 asphalt anchors installation step 1

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