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42'' Traffic Cone Kit Stop-Slow Sign/Cone/Light
Portable Traffic Cone Kit
Kit includes: 18'' stop sign that reads STOP/SLOW, Warning Light (batteries not included) & Orange Cone.
1 large package (approx. 50'' x 20'' x 20'')
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Two 6 Volts Lantern Batteries (with Springs) required
42'' High Traffic Cone Kit (Stop-Slow Sign/Cone/Light)

42" Orange Cone with Stop Sign and Light Kit

  • Kit includes: 18" stop sign that reads STOP/SLOW, Warning Light (batteries not included) & Orange Cone
  • The batteries required are two Square 6 Volt with Springs
  • Made of durable high density polyethylene plastic (7.5lbs)
  • Cone has a hole near the top and a ledge or shelf that makes it ideal for mounting small signs.
  • Bright orange color molded throughout.
  • Multiple uses in a wide variety of different applications.
  • Stackable for storage and transportation but won’t stick together like vinyl cones
  • Cones have a hollow base that can be filled with up to 23 lbs of sand or simply drop a sand bag on it in windy conditions.
  • Cone is 42'' tall and comes with keyhole slots for mounting toggled traffic rails.
  • Cone is ideal for mounting signs and barricade lights for temporary traffic control.
  • Cone also makes a great stanchion or support for plastic fence and other flexible products.
Traffic Cones

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