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Danger Do Not Enter Confined Space. Follow confined space entry procedures.
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Surface Mount
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Adhesive Backed & Rigid Signs
1 3 5 10 20 40
14 x 10'' Label: Outdoor Durable Vinyl (Adhesive Backed)
$9.70 $8.40 $8.20 $7.50 $6.50 $5.60
14 x 10'' .055 Outdoor Durable Plastic
$9.85 $9.40 $8.90 $7.95 $6.90 $5.75
14 x 10'' .040 Coated Rust Free Aluminum
$17.35 $15.95 $13.50 $12.95 $12.45 $10.45


To view and print a PDF version of this page, click on this link: Confined Space Signs & Regulations PDF
To Learn about the Materials used in the making of this sign, refer to the Tab called "Material Descriptions..."

Sign Construction:

This sign is available in the following material options:

  • Adhesive Backed Vinyl Film (label)
  • .055 Polyethylene (Semi-Rigid Plastic)
  • .040 Aluminum (Rigid Sign)
  • Signs are digital or screen printed with UV inks.
  • Adhesive backed vinyl film labels are supplied with round corners only.
  • Aluminum and Plastic signs are supplied with rounded corners and 4 mounting holes.
  • Hole configuration for this safety sign is illustrated below.
  • Signs have been designed for the following applications: fence, wall or any flat surface mounting.
  • These signs are not recommended for post mounting applications.
  • Refer to Parking and Traffic if post mounting signs are needed.
  • Post mounting signs require 2 center holes (top & bottom) not 4 corner holes.
  • Signs do not have any over lamination.
  • Image / Text on signs is printed directly onto the sign material.

Requirements When Posting Confined Space Signs:

  • Signs are required at each entry into confined spaces, such as, deep pits or underground storage..
  • Signs can be made of metal or a durable synthetic material.
  • Signs must be placed on or near the confined space entrance and be clearly visible.
  • Signs should not be smaller than 3.5 x 5".
  • Thesizeofthesignwilldependupontheindividualsituation.

Safety Sign Configuration

Safety Sign Configuration
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Safety Sign Fonts:
Our standard fonts are:

  • Arial
  • Arial Bold
  • Arial Narrow
    Arial Black
    For our custom sarking signs, we allow our customers to select from a range of custom fonts.
    Click on this link to view an illustration of the
    Arial Font Family

Environmental & Facility Safety Signs:

These signs are usually larger because they are observed at further distances. These signs usually contain lesser amounts of information for visual clarity at a distance. Signs should be placed in clearly visible locations and should be protected from damage and obliteration.

Safety Sign Objectives:

  • The objective of safety signs is to draw attention rapidly and precisely to objects and situations capable of causing specific hazards.
  • To alert or warn people about workplace hazards of which they may not be aware of.
  • To restrict access to workplaces that present dangerous conditions.
  • To inform people of safety requirements.
  • Provide general information and directions.
  • Remind employees where personal protective equipment must be worn.
  • Show where emergency equipment or emergency exits are located.
  • Indicate where certain actions are prohibited.
Safety Sign Objectives
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Message Panel Content

ANSI Z535.2-2007 recommends the combination of upper and lower case sans serif text. Upper case only lettering may be used for short messages or emphasis of individual words.

  • Use Direct Statements: Safety signs are intended to communicate information quickly enough to allow a person to understand it and take appropriate actions to avoid the hazard. Reaction times can be reduced by using the simplest and most direct statements possible.
  • Use Action Statements: These are instructions of how to avoid hazards. The statement should be accurate, simple, direct and relevant to the hazard.
  • Hazard Description: Identifies the specific hazard with clear and simple language.
  • Consequence Statement: Use clear, accurate and simple language to warn persons of potential consequences if the warning is ignored.
  • Emergency Information: A telephone number or other contact information should go on sign after the Action, Hazard description and consequences statements.
Safety Sign Message Panel
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Safety Sign Recommended Viewing Distances

ANSI Z535-2007 standard uses a ratio of 25 ft of viewing distance per inch of text for Favorable Reading Conditions, and a ratio of 12 ft of viewing distance per inch of text for Unfavorable Reading Conditions.Determining the safe viewing distance of a sign depends upon many factors: lighting, background, type font and visual acuity. Other factors to consider in determining sign size include: the complexity of the message, the reaction time necessary and the angle the sign will be seen from. In many situations it is better to use multiple smaller signs that are strategically positioned than one large sign.Many times letter size may need to be larger than the values shown on the graphic for a variety of reasons:
  • To make the sign more noticeable from other information displayed in the area.
  • To enable legibility under low light, or other poor viewing conditions.
  • To alert persons sooner than the minimum safe viewing distance.
  • To convey special importance for portions of the message.
  • To improve legibility for persons who have vision problems with small text.

Click on the link to view an illustration of theRecommended Text Sizes
Click on the link to Open & Print PDF with Recommended Sign Size & Viewing Distances

Links to Industries and Government Institutions Governing Signs:


Rigid Material: Coated Aluminum (.040):

Description & Attributes

  • Rust free aluminum signs usually coated white or yellow on both sides.
  • Graphics are digital or screen printed with UV inks.
  • Aluminum will not chip, crack or rust.
  • Aluminum is one of the most durable material options offered, with excellent resistance to harsh weather conditions.
  • Printed image will resist fading and mild chemicals.
  • Outdoor Durability: 5 to 7 years
  • Service Temp Range: -40°F to 212°F
  • Ink Features: Printed with UV Inks
  • Printing Process: Digital or Screen
  • Over laminate: None

Rigid Material: Treated Polyethylene Plastic (.055", .125"):

Description & Attributes

  • Polyethylene is a rust free, chip and crack resistant plastic (in white or yellow) treated for digital and screen printing.
  • Graphics are either digital or screen printed UV inks.
  • Polyethylene signs are an economical alternative to aluminum signs, without significant compromise on durability.
  • Printed image will resist fading and mild chemicals.
  • .055 thick plastic is typically used for safety signs up to 20 x 14”
  • .125 thick plastic is typically used for parking and traffic signs, sizes range from 12 x 18” to 24 x 24”
  • Outdoor Durability: 2 to 4 years
  • Material Flexibility: .055" thick bends easily without causing material fractures, could be molded to fit certain surfaces.
  • Service Temp Range: -40°F to 180°F
  • Ink Features: Printed with UV Inks
  • Printing Process: Digital or Screen
  • Over laminate: None

Label Material: 3.5 Mil Adhesive Backed Vinyl Film:

Description & Attributes

  • 3.5 mil thick flexible vinyl film coated with an aggressive permanent acrylic adhesive.
  • Graphics are digital or screen printed with UV inks.
  • Vinyl signs are the most economical option available. A favorite material for indoor application.
  • Printed image will resist fading and mild chemicals.
  • Outdoor Durability: 2 to 4 years
  • Material Flexibility: Conform to either curved or flat surfaces
  • Service Temp Range: -40°F to 180°F
  • Min. Application Temp: 50° F
  • Surface Preparation: Clean and Dry
  • Ink Features: Printed with UV Inks
  • Printing Process: Digital or Screen
  • Over laminate: None
  • Sign Features: 1/4” Round Corners

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