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Galvanized U-Channel Post

With standard hole dia. of 3/8'' spaced out 1" apart
Galvanized U-Channel Post
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Y3436, Y3437
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Galvanized U channel posts for mounting traffic, parking, property, and facility signs are available in multiple sizes. Each post has standard hole diameters of 3/8 inch spaced out 1 inch apart. The 6 foot post is a 1.12 pounds per foot light duty post and the 8 foot post is a 2 pounds per foot heavy duty post.
Material Sku Quantity/Price
1–2 3–4 5–9 10–19 20–39 40+
2 lbs./ft. Galvanized Steel Y3437 $44.70 $42.40 $39.50 $38.10 $37.00 $36.50
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Length of Post Colors
Post Weight/Foot Width Hole Size and Placement Recommended
Installation Depth*
Hardware Size
Shipping Recommended
4 ft. Green Enamel 2 lb/ft 3-1/16" 3/8" dia on 1" centers Up to 18" 2-1/2" Long UPS & FedEx Portable Stands - Non-Official Use
6 ft. Green Enamel & Galvanized 1.12 lb/ft 2-1/4" 3/8" dia on 1" centers 18" - 24" 1-1/2" Long UPS & FedEx Delineators, reflectors, address signs, temporary - non official use
8 ft. Green Enamel & Galvanized 2 lb/ft 3-1/16" 3/8" dia on 1" centers 30" - 36" 2-1/2" Long UPS & FedEx Street, Parking and Traffic Signs
10 ft Green Enamel & Galvanized 2 lb/ft 3-1/16" 3/8" dia on 1" centers 36" - 42" 2-1/2" Long Freight Only Street, Parking and Traffic Signs
12 ft. Galvanized 2 lb/ft 3-1/16" 3/8" dia on 1" centers 36" - 42" 2-1/2" Long Freight Only Street, Parking and Traffic Signs

* Installation Depth Notes:

1. The depth numbers we are providing are general guidelines and do not take into account the different types of soil in your specific location. When possible, it is ideal to install u-channel posts to a depth of 30" - 36".

2. A breakaway system should be used when installing posts on public roadways and on private roads open to public travel such as those running through a non-gated corporate complex or shopping center. Our breakaway anchor post should be installed approximately 32" into the ground.

3. Be aware of frost lines as they vary by region of the country.

U-Channel Post Description

  • U-Channel sign posts are built for strength and reliability - and made with the finest high-carbon built steel.
  • They are engineered with a patented ribbed back design - adding strength to crucial load-bearing points. This added strength enables our posts to handle more signage than any other U-Channel posts.
  • Galvanized Steel or Green Enamel Coated Steel.
  • Mounting holes: 3/8" on 1" centers beginning from the top of the post, running the entire length of the post.
  • Posts 10-ft & 12-ft cannot be shipped UPS. Customer Service will give you a call with correct freight charges after your order has been placed.
U-channel Post Mounting

Sign Mounting on U-Channel Post

What do you need when mounting parking signs?
If you are mounting signs on a U-Channel Post, the following
hardware accessories are required.

  • 1 U-channel post
  • 1 Bolting Set (Part# Y3465 or Y4899)
    Set includes washers and bolts.
  • 1 Tamper proof Set (Part# Y4900 or Y4901)
    Set includes washers, one way bolts and break away nuts.
  • 1 U-Channel Post Tamper Set w/ 2'' One way Bolts (Y4903)
  • 1 Pair of Ribbed Plates (optional) Part# Y4915
  • Please follow the installation steps shown on the illustration.
U-channel Post Mounting
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Size Width Height Depth Available Materials
8′ 3⅛″ 96″ 1½″
  • 2 lbs./ft. Galvanized Steel
Material Available
Galvanized Steel Steel has been coated in layers of zinc oxide, which creates a very long lasting coat that allows it to resist rusting and corrosion.
  • 8′
Engineering Grade
High Intensity Prismatic
Diamond Grade
  NoneEngineering GradeHigh Intensity PrismaticDiamond Grade
ATSM D956 Type Type I Type IV Type IX
Brightness Standard Material 3x More 10x More
Night-Time Visibility 500' 1,000' 1,500'

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