60" Staff Stop Sign Paddle - Y1260, School Crossing Signs by SafetySign.com

Front: Stop / Back: Stop
18″ Octagon + 60″ Staff
Material Mounting Holes Sku Quantity/Price
1–5 6–10 11+
.063″ Double-Sided Engineering Grade Reflective Aluminum with Wood Staff Two ⅜″ holes (at bottom) for mounting to handle/staff Y1260-60EG $75.10 $71.35 $64.30
.125″ Double-Sided Polyethylene Plastic with Wood Staff Two ⅜″ holes (at bottom) for mounting to handle/staff Y1260-60PL $49.10 $46.60 $41.95
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Material Specifications:
Outdoor Durability:
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Up To
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* Under favorable viewing conditions.

This stop crossing paddle features an 18” octagonal sign with stop on both sides. This crossing sign complies with the 2009 MUTCD which specifies in Section 7D.05 that stop paddles shall have a red background with at least 6 inch upper-case white letters, and a white border. The paddle shall be at least 18 inches in size and have stop on both sides. When used at night the paddle shall be retroreflectorized or illuminated.

  • Compliance
  • Size
  • Material
  • Printing


This sign follows the design guidelines specified in the MUTCD Standard for Parking and Traffic Signs
To view and print a PDF version of this page, click on this link: SafetySign.com Stop Paddles PDF
To Learn about the Materials used in the making of this sign, refer to the Tab called "Material Descriptions..."

Sign Construction:

  • Stop paddles are available in 2 different materials: .125 Lite Weight Polyethylene & Reflective Aluminum.
  • Plastic Paddles: Made out of polyethylene, a rust free, chip and crack resistant plastic treated for digital and screen printing.
  • Polyethylene signs are an economical alternative to aluminum signs, without significant compromise on durability.
  • Aluminum Paddles: Manufactured with rust free aluminum overlaminated with Engineering Grade Reflective (Type I).
  • Graphics are screen printed with translucent inks or applied vinyl graphics, opaque and translucent film. (Translucent ink or film is not applicable to the color black)
  • Aluminum will not chip, crack or rust. Aluminum signs will last longer that plastic or steel signs.
  • Hole configuration and paddle layout is illustrated below, paddles are provided with 2 holes @ .375".
  • Sign mounting hardware is included.
  • These paddles do not have any overlamination.
  • Image / Text on signs is printed directly onto the sign material.
  • Printed image will resist fading and mild chemicals.


Stop Paddles Configuration
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Stop Paddles Use

Links to Industries and Government Institutions Governing Signs:

Size Width Height Average
Text Size
Available Materials Mounting Holes Diagram
18″ Octagon + 60″ Staff 18″ 76″ 6″
  • .063″ Double-Sided Engineering Grade Reflective Aluminum with Wood Staff
  • .125″ Double-Sided Polyethylene Plastic with Wood Staff
Two ⅜″ Holes Diagram
Material Thickness Outdoor Durability Service Temp. Range Available
Double-Sided Polyethylene Plastic with Wood Staff This plastic is rust free and resistant to chips and cracks. It is an economical alternative to aluminum without a significant compromise in durability. Smooth wood staff is included. 0.125″ 3 to 5 Years -40° to 180° F
  • 18″ Octagon + 60″ Staff
Double-Sided Engineering Grade Reflective Aluminum with Wood Staff A durable enclosed lens retro-reflective material permanently adhered to both sides of aluminum, attached to a wooden staff. It is an economical choice for non-critical traffic signs. The pattern free face allows for clean graphic imaging. It meets the requirements of ASTM D4956 Type I, and will remain effective for up to 7 years. Reflectivity:      
0.063″ Up to 7 Years -10°F - 130°F
  • 18″ Octagon + 60″ Staff
Engineering Grade
High Intensity Prismatic
Diamond Grade
  NoneEngineering GradeHigh Intensity PrismaticDiamond Grade
ATSM D956 Type Type I Type IV Type IX
Brightness Standard Material 3x More 10x More
Night-Time Visibility 500' 1,000' 1,500'
This 60" Staff Stop Sign Paddle has the message printed directly onto the paddle material, without any over-lamination. The advanced printing methods used reduce set-up times and allows your signs and paddles to be shipped out faster than competitors. The printed image is resistant to fading and mild chemical exposure.
SafetySign Printing
Printing Methods

We choose our printing processes for each product carefully so you receive the best quality product at the lowest price with industry-leading turnaround times. Depending on your size, material, quantity, and other factors, your sign will print using one of our carefully-tested methods.

SafetySign Printing
Cross-Hatch Ink Adhesion Test

SafetySign.com’s advanced printing process undergoes a stringent cross-hatching test. This specifically tests the adhesion and resistance to separation of the inks from the sign. In testing, a sample from the printing process is scored and covered in adhesive tape. The tape is removed and the sample assessed for adhesion quality.

We use a three-stage process to test all of our printing processes. We print our signs using only the processes that pass all three stages, giving you the highest quality signage possible.

SafetySign Printing

The text is printed in HGCPIXymbols font.

The 60" Staff Stop Sign Paddle from SafetySign.com uses these fonts because the message requires a font that will allow it to fit on the sign. These fonts are easy to read in daytime and nighttime conditions, and they are still legible no matter what version of the typeface is being used on the sign. They are also used to keep a consistent look with other traffic and parking related signs from the MUTCD.

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