Fire Sprinkler Pipe Marker

Fire Sprinkler Pipe Markers

Fire Sprinkler Pipe Markers

The National Board of Fire Underwriters (NBFU) has a number of mandates that apply to fire and alarm signs to ensure facilities are as safe as possible in the event of an emergency. NBFU Standard Number 13 applies to facilities that have a Fire Sprinkler System and mandates that a variety of Fire Sprinkler Signs and Fire Sprinkler System Pipe Markers be placed throughout the building.

Through, you can find all the Fire Sprinkler System Pipe Markers and Fire Sprinkler Signs needed to comply with NBFU No. 13 standards. These Pipe Markers are available in durable rigid thermoformed wrap around vinyl or non-rigid adhesive backed vinyl. Each style allows for zero to low maintenance after installation. Browse our selection of Fire Sprinkler System Pipe Markers and Fire Sprinkler Signs, and order the Pipe Markers and other FDC signs you need to remain in compliance today.

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