Sign Construction:

Sign Configuration

Parking Sign Configuration

Sign Mounting on U-Channel Post

What accessories do you need when mounting signs?
If you are mounting signs on a U-Channel Post, the following
hardware accessories are required.

U-channel Post Mounting

Post Installation Guidelines

U-chhanel Post Installation

Sign Mounting on Round Post

What accessories do you need when mounting signs?
If you are mounting signs to a 2-3/8” Round Post, the
following hardware accessories are required.

Round Post Installation Guide

Post Installation Guidelines

Round Post Installation

Parking Sign Viewing Distances Chart:

The viewing distance chart below will function as a recommendation ONLY, this chart is not intended to replace any training guide, regulation or standard. We have put it together to provide key information or recommendations for safe practices. Please confirm with state or federal regulations governing the use of road / traffic and parking signs for exact signs and text size regulations when posting parking or traffic signs.

The viewing distances illustrated below are sign recognition distances for slow moving vehicles and / or walking pedestrians, reaction times have not been considered in the distances and sizes shown on this table. Signs intended for faster moving vehicles need to be larger and require larger text than a sign intended for a pedestrians or slow moving vehicles.

Parking Sign Viewing Distance Chart

Parking Sign Fonts Used by

Brimar uses Highway Font Series for all of our stock parking signs, the names of these fonts are:

For our Custom Parking signs, we allow our customers to select from a range of custom fonts.

Highway FOnt Used on Parking Signs

Best Practices for Posting & Design of Parking Signs:

Parking / Street / Fence Mount Sign Facts:

Parking signs can be used in many instances to communicate state, federal, or private property regulations, rules, consequences of parking, requirements, and many more types of information. State Regulated signs are normally posted by towns or municipalities, while private property signs are posted only by owners of the private property.

Brimar has classified parking signs as:

1. Signs to communicate state or federal regulations, like handicapped parking and fire lane parking restrictions. These type of signs are ruled by either town, state, or federal regulations, and there are usually fines associated to the violations indicated on the signs.
Examples of town, state and federal parking signs:

2. Public or Private property parking signs. These signs will vary tremendously in information. For example there are parking lot signs, Specific Customer and Visitor Parking, Tenant / Resident Parking, Tow Away Parking, Dumpster Rules, Do Not Bblock Driveway, Employee Parking, and many more.