FDC Signs (Fire Department Connection Signs) Details

Fire department connections should be identified by a permanent approved sign which must have the letters FDC at least 6" high with 1" stroke in either red text on white or white text on a red background.

If the sign contains the the legend "FIRE DEPARTMENT CONNECTION" spelled out, the letter size should be a minimum of 2" high.

Signs are required to be on a retro-efelective material with retro-reflective letters, in other words signs need to be reflective, we sell these signs in Engineering Grade (Type I) Reflective Aluminum.

FDC signs indicating the building address, building name, directional arrow or any other copy which indicates property being served by the connection should be 2" high.

FDC Signs Official and Compliant


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Sprinkler system plates comply with the National Board of Fire Underwriters (NFBU) Standard No. 13.
Line plates can be used throughout the piping system as markers or applied as valve tags.

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