Sign Construction:

Safety Sign Configuration

ANSI Z535 Safety Sign Configuration

Safety Sign Fonts:

Brimar standard fonts for most of our safety signs are: Arial / Arial Bold / Arial Narrow / Arial Black
For our custom safety signs, we allow our customers to select from a range of custom fonts. Font used on is Arial

What do you need to know about Safety Signs:

Environmental & facility safety signs are usually larger because they are observed at further distances. These signs usually contain lesser amounts of information for visual clarity at a distance. Signs should be placed in a clearly visible location and should be protected from damage and obliteration.

Safety Signs Objectives:

Safety Sign Objectives

Sign Message Panel Content

ANSI Z535.2-2007 recommends the combination of upper and lower case sans serif text. Upper case only lettering may be used for short messages or emphasis of individual words.

Safety Sign Message Panel

Posting Safety Signs:

Safety Sign Recommended Viewing Distances

ANSI Z535-2007 standard uses a ratio of 25 ft of viewing distance per inch of text for Favorable Reading Conditions, and a ratio of 12 ft of viewing distance per inch of text for Unfavorable Reading Conditions. Determining the safe viewing distance of a sign depends upon many factors: lighting, background, type font and visual acuity. Other factors to consider in determining sign size include: the complexity of the message, the reaction time necessary and the angle the sign will be seen from. In many situations it is better to use multiple, smaller signs that are strategically positioned than one large sign. Many times letter size may need to be larger than the values shown on the graphic for a variety of reasons:

Recommended Text Sizes
Click on the link to Open & Print PDF with Recommended Sign Size & Viewing Distances

Safety Sign Viewing Distances