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0 Comments | Jul 16, 2012

German Town Designates Parking Spots For Women

The German town of Triberg has big-heartedly attempted to help out women by labeling spaces with parking signs in a new car park for men and women.  The female parking spaces are wider with lighting whereas the male spots are more difficult to park in.  The parking spots reserved for men are next to concrete pillars that can only be backed into. 

The mayor claims that this was a natural decision, as it’s a known fact that many women find parking more difficult than men do.  The mayor claims that this decision was not sexist because women are free to try parking in the trickier spots reserved for men.  Around ten parking spots have been designated for women while only two are reserved with parking signs for men.

He must be blinded to think that this would not create a media firestorm.  Mayor Gallus Strobel has admitted that he has been on the phone all day trying to justify his reasoning’s but has come to find that he hit a nerve in society.

To add insult to injury, Mayor Strobel, encourages women to come prove him wrong – as this may not be politically correct, it could be a publicity stunt.