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0 Comments | Oct 31, 2011

Florida Cop, Fausto Lopez, Gets Pulled Over And Arrested For Driving Too Fast: Florida Highway Patrol

An officer in Miami, FL is accused of reckless driving after doing 120mph on a turnpike because he was too late for an off-duty job working security detail at a school.

Fausto Lopez was weaving in and out of traffic in his marked police car, leading state troopers on a high speed chase.

The Florida Highway Patrol officer arrested Lopez at gunpoint. According to the police report, the Miami trooper spotted the marked patrol car changing lanes in a dangerous manner on October 11th.

The patrolman decided to ignore all warnings to pull over which led them onto a short police chase. The high speed chase between the patrolman and the trooper ended in Hollywood, Florida.

The Miami police are taking administrative action against Lopez.  It is unknown the severity of actions that will be slapped on Lopez.

Watch the Video below:

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