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0 Comments | Jul 13, 2011

Don’t Park in the Driveway, Crash Into the Garage

Typically a car should park in a garage rather than running through it.  In Kalamazoo a car blew through a stop sign at the T intersection and crashed through an attached garage to a house.  Thomas Muddler, 16, was inside the house when the car went bowling through the house.  Ironically enough, this is not the first incident of a vehicle running through the Muddler household.

Seven years prior a drunk driver, driving a 4×4 pickup truck, ran through the same stop sign and demolished their garage.  In both cases, surprisingly neither drivers nor pedestrians were seriously injured.

The neighbor was a bit dazzled who heard the crash while he was brushing his teeth.  Walking out to investigate the commotion, he had a series of flashbacks of the terrible drunk driving accident.

Alcohol was not suspected to be involved this time around.  With a multiple crash record at this exact parking sign, it seems that a new reflective stop sign or blinking red light could help prevent accidents.  It is safe to say that they are in need of some serious road traffic signs and a trip to Home Depot while they’re at it.